Papier à peindre Patent Decors Laser réf. 9230

Wall covering to be painted made of an impact-resistant non-woven backing particularly suitable for heavily used surfaces



Impeccable quality, RAL quality control and compliance with CE standards. Completely free of glass fibers. And with numerous modular possibilities and countless design colors - for almost unlimited creativity on the walls: it is no coincidence that Patent Décor is the world leader in paintable wall coverings on non-woven backing.

Whenever it comes to robust surfaces in addition to creativity and style, it is the “Laser” segment of the PATENT DECOR® paintable structured wall coverings program from the wallpaper manufacturer Marburg that demonstrates its strengths. Due to its durable surface (impact resistant according to DIN EN 259), it is primarily designed for public spaces such as medical practices, offices or hotels, but it is also suitable for private areas such as for example in children's rooms or hallways.

Ease of installation:

- no soaking time

- guaranteed dimensional stability

- invisible joints

- wall gluing (apply the glue directly to the wall)

- in case of renovation, completely dry tearable

Certified quality:

- flame retardant in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1: Bs1d0, Cs1d0 and Cs2d0

- good to excellent water vapor permeability according to DIN EN 53122

- dimensional stability

- pleasant to the touch, without fiberglass particles

- RAL certification

- FSC certified non-woven backing

 Ref.: 9230 Delivery in roll of 25.00 x 1.06 m = 26.50 m²

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