Peintures personnalisées

Customize the paint of your choice on this page, including Cetol BL Opaque with a large choice of colors in the Sikkens, RAL and other brand color charts.


My tinted paint to order
On this page you have great freedom to choose your color, your paint is tinted to order thanks to the most efficient tinting system on the market Mix2Win with more than 6,000 shades available!
How it works ?
1/ Select the product to be tinted and the desired packaging from the drop-down list
2/ Choose the desired shade from one of the color charts below or from another color chart* and record the reference in the 'personalization' section
*(Most color chart references from other brands (Levis, Zolpan, Tollens etc.) and RALs, example: Ral 7016 anthracite gray, are accepted)
3/ All you have to do is choose the quantity before adding to the basket!
Consult a color chart:
2021 inspiration notebook
Tools on Sikkens expert applications:
On this page you can customize the following products:
Alpha BL Satin
Rubbol DSA
Rubbol BL Satura
Alpha Classic Velvet
Reddox AK Ferrotop
Alpha Diwagolan
Alpha Rezisto Velvety Matte
Alpha BL Velvet
Steloxine Decor Satin
Rubbol BL Rézisto Satin
Rubbol Azura
Rubbol BL Magura
Rubbol Satura
Stelfloor Decor Acryl 1K
Alpha Rezisto Satin
Alpha Classic Satin
Cetol BL Opaque
(Click on a product above to access the product description page or to purchase its white version)
Reminder: Custom products and paints are tinted to order using specific bases and are not returned or exchanged.

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Teinte Personnalisée