Vernis Cetol Bl Varnish Mat

Colorless, odorless matte varnish based on water-based polyurethane acrylic resins for interior woodwork.


Sikkens colorless, odorless matte wood varnish

Cetol BL Varnish Mat wood varnish is the ideal product for all your interior woodwork. Colorless and matt in appearance, it respects the natural color of your furniture and interior joinery in a natural and well-being atmosphere, while protecting them perfectly thanks to its polyurethane-reinforced formula.

This wood varnish is practically odorless, does not yellow, is very easy to apply and dries quickly.

This wood varnish is resistant to the common attacks of daily life and has high impact resistance.

The strong points of this wood varnish

Good tension and enhances the wood

Durable and resistant

non-yellowing and low odor

Nice rounding

This wood varnish is applied to wood with a brush or a soft brush

On new wood: Apply 1 coat of CETOL BL VARNISH MAT diluted with 10% water + 2 coats of CETOL BL VARNISH MAT.

On old varnished wood: sand and dust and apply 1 to 2 coats CETOL BL VARNISH MAT

if the old varnish is in poor condition, strip it and transfer it to the system on new wood.

On oily and exotic wood: degrease

On old waxed wood: dewax using a dewaxer and if necessary, sand to return to raw wood.

Make sure the product is perfectly compatible with the support.

Cetol BL Varnish Mat wood varnish is dry to the touch after approximately 1 hour. It is recoverable after 6 hours.

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Data sheet

Type de produit
Boiseries intérieures
12m² / litre




Cetol BL V Mat

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